These Are 4 Common Ways To Enter A Nightclub

Clubbing is the clubs that are usually visited by people who are tired because of their daily activities. There they can listen to music that is not commonly heard by the public in general which is more modern than music played in a PUB or other discos. Entering the Clubbing location also has rules, such as styles depending on what events are in progress (you can’t dress recklessly), your age must be over 21 years, must be neat and clean. Because the entry is full of strict checks if it can’t also be careless people who can get in there. Meanwhile, if you’re under 21 years, perhaps you need to make a scannable fake id.

Entering the clubbing site is not easy and not difficult, there are 4 ways to enter the place, such as:

1. Through MEMBERSHIP, someone has to spend some money to register himself as a member of the club. The benefits will be obtained after becoming a member, more or less like entering into the club does not need to queue or pay again you just have to show the member card.

2. Through INVITATION, usually, invitations are made by parties who make limited events whose contents 1 invitation applies to 1 or 2 people. You can also get it from friends who are true clubbers or from people who work in the EO who made the event. Usually queuing when passing an invitation and like being checked there is an identity card or not.

3. It can be via GL (Guest List), this is not much different from the invitation, the difference is that 1 invitation is valid for 1 or 2 people, but if you use a guest list 1 name can apply to approximately 5 people depending on the EO. The way if you have a friend who works in the EO can make GL for you and your friends.

4. It can be passed FDC (First Drink Charge), through this you will be charged an entry fee without having to queue first like passing an invitation or guest list. You will be charged a fee for getting 1 drink which includes the entrance fee determined by the club.