Overcoming Assignment Challenges

How Homework Became Punishment to Children

The majority of the employees dislike coming back home from work with a handful of work to finish since it turns your home life ambiance into work life, an extension of the workplace. Therefore, this should be a last resort after exploring all available options. Ordinarily, when an employee leaves their workplace, it should be the last connection with the work till the following day. However, for employees looking forward to getting the promotion, they can use their weekends and evenings to prove they merit the promotion. Working should stop at work for ordinary employees. Likewise, a child spends between six to seven hours at school, getting taught and drilled on what to do; when they are back home in the evening, it should be time to play and be free. They should be free to engage in other inspiring activities and switch off from school together with overwhelming tasks.

The evolution of homework

The tail end of the 19th century is replete with significant changes in the education sector. Of these changes are the frequency and type of homework given by a teacher, which has affected education quality. School-going children began taking homework assignments at the start of the 20th century. Based on numerous reports, psychologists believe that the mind is like a muscle, and with mental exercises, it is possible to strengthen it with time. Moreover, scholars then concluded that these mental exercises could get done carried home and be done after school because of undocumented reasons. According to other studies, homework began as a punishment to school-going children who failed to do the work in class or misbehaved. Besides, with time homework became universal such that all students got homework assignments without regard to their behavior in class. Regardless of the truth of the origins of homework assignments, students of all ages and races hate homework assignments. However, the few students who like and enjoy doing homework do it out of love and choice and not by compulsion.


There is a study demonstrating the correlation between student achievements and homework assignments. However, the study did not consider if the results will be better or worse if we allocate students one hour of school time to complete homework assignments. It is a good or best idea to allow children to review their textbooks, but it does not make any sense for children to go to school five days a week, spending the better part of the day, and then they troop home in the evening with lots and many homework assignments. Homework not only burdens children, but it also reduces them to overworked machines. Excelling in life is not about getting top grades only. At their formative ages, students should learn to interact with peers and acquire innate skills that will help them later in their lives. They also should be able to get an affordable assistant who will do homework for me if a child feels overwhelmed with assignments. Home is a different school environment where we should allow our children to develop and partake in varied creative, fulfilling, and challenging activities. They enable children to do homework at home is to rob them of their fun activities and freedom. Parents should take charge of their children’s activities when they are at home, prevent extended school assignments from reaching home, and direct how children should use their time while at home.

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