10 Best Places to Do Homework: Tips for School and College

Homework is an essential part of studying and every student’s academic journey. It spans all academic levels and is given by teachers and supervisors to test students’ understanding of a subject and increase their grasp of it.

When you do your homework, you better grasp what has been taught and prepare yourself for tests and exams. Doing homework may be tedious, but in the end, you are better for it. This is because you learn more from your research.

Where to do homework can sometimes be an issue because you want a place where you will not be distracted. This article reveals the ten best places to sit and do homework.

Where can I go to do homework?

Where you do your homework is just as important as the homeowner – especially for those who like quiet environments. Your assignment locations help set your mood and can help you work faster or slower. Here are some good places to study and do homework. These places will help you understand and work faster on your assignments.

  • Library

Going to a library is a good option for doing your homework. Libraries are usually known for quietness. You get to do your work without distraction because of the silence and orderliness. Asides from this, you have access to a lot of materials. Some libraries even make provisions for internet Wi-Fi that you could use to get resources online.

  • Empty classrooms

Empty classrooms are one of the best places to do homework. It affords you alone time without distraction and noise from other students. All you need to do is find out from the authorities if you are allowed to linger and do your work in the empty classrooms.

  • Under a tree

Sounds bizarre, right? While this is a weird location, it is one of the most effective and beneficial. Trees provide shade and a cool breeze and allow you to connect with nature.

Doing your homework under a tree helps your brain work faster because of the calming environment. You can think clearly and get inspiration from nature around you. Also, since the environment is less formal, it helps you relax to do your assignment more efficiently.

  • Coffee shop

A coffee shop could be a suitable place to do your assignment. Coffee contains caffeine that could help boost your alertness while working. You get access to snacks and coffee. Coffee shops also afford you the table space that you need.

All you need to do is find a quiet corner and ensure you buy something to make your stay profitable for the owners. Giving a little tip to the waiter, in addition, could make you more welcome.

  • Study room

You can do your homework at home if you have a study room. All you need is to enter your study with all the necessary materials. This will ensure that you don’t have to go up and down. You will also avoid getting distracted by what goes on in the house.

  • A classmate’s house

A colleague’s house is one of the good places to study and do your homework. This allows you to rub your minds and discuss with your classmates. Having someone to rub your mind with could help you better understand the assignment. However, you must ensure that self-control and discipline are applied to avoid being carried away or losing focus.

  • Dining room

Homework can also be done in the dining area of your house. Dining is usually one of the quietest places after mealtimes. You also get enough table space to lay your books and do your assignment.

  • Bookshops

Some bookshops now create spaces where you can sit down and read. Some even have cafes where you can buy snacks while you read. It is almost like a library environment except that you get access to snacks.

  • Museum

Museums often have quiet spaces where one can read or study. Sitting beside a historical artifact could give you inspiration for the work you are doing. It also gives you a calming environment different from the normal school environment.

  • Parks

The Park can be a good place to study. While it may not be completely silent, the sounds you hear will have a calming effect. Get your books, take a mat, some snacks, and get going to the park – you’ll certainly enjoy your homework time better in a park.


Knowing where to go to do homework will improve your efficiency. If you can choose the right place, you will be able to do more in little time. Remember that the essence of homework is learning. It would be best if you chose a place where learning can be conducive for you.

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