The Use Of Air Conditioner

Air conditioner (AC) is very useful to cool the room, especially during the summer. The cool air will automatically fill your room so you and your family can go through the days without feeling hot. You may not know when you need local service.

In the 1960s, the use of air conditioning was not so popular. In the United States, only 12 percent of Americans have air conditioners in their homes. This is different from the need for heating. According to American society, heating is much more needed compared to air conditioning because they live in cold climates. AC at the time was a newcomer as an electronic device that functions to control the temperature.

Now, this number has increased dramatically. There are already many people in the world, not only Americans who own and use an air conditioner in their homes and workplaces, including in Indonesia. Summer is long enough to make the weather in Indonesia tend to be hot, this is what makes the demand for air conditioning increases every year.

AC technology is also growing, even now more and more AC technology that is environmentally friendly. So, you can still use air conditioning and also maintain the environment at the same time. Unfortunately, there are still many people who feel that AC has a negative influence on the health of its users. Actually, this assumption is not entirely true. AC has a negative effect if the AC is not properly maintained.

According to research conducted by the energy department of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, the negative impact of using AC is rooted from contaminated air conditioners. Contamination may arise due to the presence of microorganisms that grow in an AC system that may not be very visible to the naked eye. If the air conditioner is not properly maintained, then the system can turn into a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi. Therefore, it is important to treat your air conditioner regularly.